Giving Back to The Community
Palm Beach Patio Furniture is proud to be a part of the community and we enjoy opportunities to get involved and help those in need.


Clarkston SCAMP is a summer day camp for children and young adults with special needs offering recreational and social opportunities. In 2010 Palm Beach began selling reusable bags at our store. These reusable bags are a convenient way to reduce waste in the environment. In addition all proceeds from sales of our bags are donated to the Clarkston SCAMP organization. We really support the actions of this organization helping the kids who need it most. For more information or if you would like to donate please visit

Humble Design
Humble Design provides gently used furniture and household goods to furnish homes for families rebuilding their lives. This nonprofit was founded in 2009 by Treger Strasberg a southeastern Michigan wife and mother. The organization was born out of her desire to help mothers and children coming out of homeless and abuse shelters wanting to help furnish a family future. Palm Beach Patio is proud to be a supporter of Humble Design. For more information visit