Furniture Materials
At Palm Beach Patio & Casual Furniture we know that buying patio furniture, while exhilarating, isn't something that you want to do yearly. This means understanding that some kinds of furniture may be inappropriate for your setting. While true that a high level of commitment to maintenance can prolong the life of patio furniture in any environment, we believe that patio furniture is for relaxing. Therefore, familiarize yourself with the various advantages and disadvantages of outdoor furniture construction.

Aluminum does not rust. Cleans with soapy water and is pretty much indestructible year round. Consider its light weight an advantage over wrought iron unless you live in a terrible windy climate. There are two types of aluminum furniture, tubular or the more ornate cast solid aluminum.

Wrought Iron

As stated, wrought iron is a weighty material. Great for sustaining high winds. All wrought iron on this site is powder coated and electro-statically painted. A chip in the paint and a little water can bring about rust, so keep some touch up paint handy. Don't wash with any harsh chemicals, soap and water will do.

Resin Wicker

Wicker has always been a welcoming material for outdoor furniture. However, it always fell short on longevity. Our resin wicker pieces are virgin vinyl and are wrapped around a steel or aluminum frame. These items enjoy all the benefits of vinyl, easy to clean, weather-resistant, and comfy to sit in.

Mosaic Table Tops

Considered by many to be the pinnacle of surfaces, mosaics do look great. However, take care to prevent any grouted surface from freezing. Water seeps in the pores and will cause cracking when it freezes. Don't worry about keeping them warm during the winter, but it would be best to store such products in a shed or garage to prevent them from absorbing moisture during winter months. We recommend using proper products to seal the surface twice a year.


Our cushions are variations of woven acrylic, Dacron, and other outdoor materials. Dacron filling does not absorb any water and dries out much more quickly than traditional foam. While our cushions are water- and UV-resistant, they aren't completely waterproof. Keep dry to prevent mildew or mold. If a cushion gets soaked, dry it thoroughly. Some fabrics are more susceptible to fading from the sun. Ask your sales associate for more details. Always bring your cushions inside when not in use to preserve their life.


All types of wood will weather alike. After years of untreated exposure a grayish/silver tone can appear. While not gleaming and new, this tone is not altogether unpleasant to look at. If you want to slow the hands of time, treat your wood patio furniture yearly with any number of effective products found at your local hardware store. The treatment procedure should be simple, first clean and then seal.

Wood is normally considered to be hard. However, Pine and Cedar are a softer wood and can be quite plentiful. This usually translates into dollar savings when compared to harder woods like Shorea and Mahogany. The toughest wood is Teak which is traditionally used on boat decks but also great for patio furniture. It is very durable, attractive and tends to not warp. Of course the price of Teak furniture is sometimes more expensive because of the scarcity and coveted position among the wood class.